Friday, July 20, 2012

Beautifully Broken

Nearly five years ago, we made a 12 hour journey to St. George's Island, Florida.  Seven months pregnant with an eleven month old--loved the beach experience, not the drive! 

I was fortunate to bring home a large seashell memento.  The summers leading up to now, I would bring it out of storage along with the rest of my shell collection to decorate our home.  

Beach life in our land-bound, Tennessee home. 

A self-proclaimed aesthete, I revel most in God's handiwork.  The beauty of nature surpasses our own humble attempts of its replication--continuously revealing God's majesty.

And so, I displayed the whole part.  The seemingly most beautiful side.

On whim recently, I turned the shell over, revealing the broken side.

Jagged edges.  Parts missing.  Yet depth unveiled.  Mesmerizing internal spiral design shown through a portal, likely caused by the ravaging sea.

In this life, we can't escape brokenness.  We can find beauty in layers.  By God's grace, brokenness enables our souls to grow and flourish.

Daily reminders help us mend our cracks, faults, wounds--not hiding, but enriching--revealing.

Beauty is not perfect, not yet.  That awaits us in Heaven.  For now, we work on our producing good fruit.  And as every arborist knows, more pruning = greater yield.

Wonder in your own beauty, imperfect as it may be.


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  1. Jena, what a beautiful post. Thank you for being so encouraging!